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Dear Women,

As it's getting colder and darker outside, Nathalie & Johanna is welcoming you to a nourishing evening where we shall restore, revitalize & replenish our minds, bodies & souls through gentle feminine practices & women's healing arts.


Nathalie will guide you through a soft feminine yin yoga practice.

It's a gentle practice that will allow you to slow down and feel in to where you need to give yourself more love, attention & self-accept as well as to release what has been to give space for what will come.

The way to get there is through the breath and soft & deepening yoga poses with plenty of room for rest, rejuvenation and connection to the womb. Her practice will be accompanied with supportive, feminine essential oils.
For the meditation at the end of the workshop she will give you a gong sound bath.
The gong helps you to let go of tensions and allows you to go even deeper into relaxation & the healing vibration of sound.

Allow yourself to stay present in the moment and surrender to the comfort of your body in a safe and sacred space.

You are beautiful, wonderful & good enough as you are.

Johanna will guide you on a series of gentle & revitalizing feminine embodiment practices that connect you with the creative life-force held in your pelvis and womb and the infinite love inside your sacred heart.

You will be guided to drop from your analytical mind and ground deeply into your root where you feel your connection to the earth.
Through guided meditation, soft movement & breathwork you will go on an inner journey into the centre of your womb to clear energetic blockages & restore your feminine power.

Open your heart and relax, let go and connect with your true feminine essence. You are a divine being made of love. ♥

Warmly welcome

Friday 1st November
18.00 - 21.00

Zen House
Sporveisgata 29 in Oslo
Call on Zen 2, second floor


For questions and registration send an email to

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